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We at Fxgravity strive to be the world’s best Forex broker and strive to offer you the very best Forex and CFDs trading conditions. Please see below the contract specifications and terms and conditions for all products offered at Fxgravity.

While using higher leverage can significantly increase your profits, it equally can work against you as it involves greater risks to your capital. If the currency underlying one of your trades moves in leverage, this will greatly amplify your potential losses. It is possible for you to lose more than your initial deposit so please ensure CFD trading meets your investment objectives and seek independence advice and trading style that includes the use of stop and limit orders.

Instant Execution, is a term used by MetaQuotes Software Corp on the MetaTrader 4 trading platform and means traders do not have to request quotes but see real-time prices in their order window. This term can also be understood as precise execution, meaning the Fxgravity terminal sends the request to buy or sell at the price shown on the screen. Processing the trade once it has been placed may take a few seconds, dependent on internet and external connections, after which the order will be fulfilled. On rare occasions the exact price shown may no longer be available, if this is the case then a new price will be shown at which the trader can submit or cancel the order.

Latest News

  • Gold Pared Losses

    Posted on   17th October 2016

    Gold pared its losses at the beginning of the week, after having declined last Friday to its lowest level in five weeks

  • Dollar Rises after Yellen’s Remarks on Rates

    Posted on   17th October 2016

    U.S. dollar surged as much as 1% as the markets gained optimism with Janet Yellen’s bullish remarks on the U.S. economy

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