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Energy Futures

When talking about OTC Energy Futures these are different to spot prices. We are talking about a contract which is a legally binding agreement to buy or sell energy futures in the future at an agreed price at a set time period. Futures contracts have standard characteristics in terms of quantity, quality, time and delivery.

Trading with future contracts provides you as a customer with a risk management tool to protect the price of your purchase or sale. It also offers the option to get involved in the precious metals market without having a position in the physical energy markets. 

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OTC Light Sweet Crude Oil Future

Often traders who trade oil products find WTI (West Texas Intermediate) one of the most popular. WTI crude oil is a US domestic crude oil based on the Nymex’s Light Sweet Crude contract. It has a lower sulphur content than Brent making it a slightly better quality fuel.

Crude oil is quoted in $/¢ per barrel with a minimum contract size of 1000 barrels per one standard lot. The minimum price movement for WTI crude oil is 10 cents (1 ‘tick’ or ‘point’). Therefore the smallest tick value is ten dollars per one standard lot. E.g. $78.45 – $78.46 = $0.01 ($0.01 * 1000 = $10).

Professional crude oil traders often trade one of the oil products against another to take advantage of their ever changing price relationship. This is known as the ‘Crack’ when taking a position in Gasoil with an opposite position in one of the Crude contracts. It is known as the ‘Arb’ when taking a position in the Brent with an opposite position in the WTI contract.

OTC Brent Crude Oil Future

Brent Crude oil is also popular with individuals who trade oil products. It is the benchmark for Europe and OPEC pricing. The minimum price movement is 0.01 cents (1 ‘tick’ or ‘point’). Therefore the smallest tick value is ten dollars. E.g. $78.45 – $78.46 = $0.1 ($0.01 * 1000 = $10).

Our Brent Contract is a CFD. It is based on an Exchange Futures Contract that will expire. A crude oil trading position held with FxGravity will NOT expire but will be rolled into the next month. 

OTC E-Mini Natural Gas Henry Hub Future

An OTC E-Mini Natural Gas Henry Hub Future contract is a contract between a buyer and a seller that offers opportunities for risk management of the highly volatile pricing of natural gas. Energy prices can often be subject to dramatic price movements so setting stop-losses and take-profits on the MetaTrader 4 is very important.

The minimum price movement is 0.01 cents (1 ‘tick’ or ‘point’). Therefore the smallest tick value is ten dollars per standard lot. E.g. $78.45 – $78.46 = $0.1 ($0.01 * 1000 = $10).

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  • Spot FOREX
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  • Crude Oil OTC Futures
  • DJ, NASDAQ, and S&P OTC Futures
  • Financial (currencies) OTC Futures
  • Equity CFDs
  • No maintenance margin; no margin call
  • Various account classifications with different leverages
  • Tight spreads as low as 0.5 pip; fixed spreads during news events
  • No swaps (interest free) on frequently traded accounts
  • No slippage on S/L and T/P orders
  • 24-hour service from Monday through Friday
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