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Index Futures

Indices trading may track stocks, bonds, mutual funds as well as any other security or investment vehicle related to index trading, including indices themselves. Retail investors can trade OTC Index Futures with FxGravity’s tight spreads, low margin requirements and instant dealing. 

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OTC Index futures trading offers the opportunity for you as an FxGravity client to invest in a large division of a national market or an entire market itself and trade the broad movement of a country’s share market index. Index trading is not based on one share but on the broader market move therefore traders often enjoy this more than trading individual stocks. With the indices we have at FxGravity  you can trade stocks of over 600 different companies spread around the world.

Indices will move up or down depending on investors’ reactions to news updates concerning company financial reporting or economic announcements. Political decisions can also play a big role in stock indices moving higher or lower. 

We quote prices on the most popular index futures 24 hours a day; see below for OTC Index futures FxGravity offers.

Class: Index Derivatives


  • OTC E-Mini S&P 500 Index Future
  • OTC Dow Jones Futures
  • OTC Mini Dow Jones
  • OTC E-mini NASDAQ
  • OTC CAC 40 Index Future
  • OTC FTSE 100 Index Future
  • OTC DAX Index Future

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Trade various asset classes with superior liquidity:

  • Spot FOREX
  • Spot Gold and Silver
  • Crude Oil OTC Futures
  • DJ, NASDAQ, and S&P OTC Futures
  • Financial (currencies) OTC Futures
  • Equity CFDs
  • No maintenance margin; no margin call
  • Various account classifications with different leverages
  • Tight spreads as low as 0.5 pip; fixed spreads during news events
  • No swaps (interest free) on frequently traded accounts
  • No slippage on S/L and T/P orders
  • 24-hour service from Monday through Friday
  • Multilingual and professional dealing staff

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